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I won’t be using this account anymore.

As of today I’ve been on tumblr for seven months. Thank you all 2728 of you who follow me and thank you to the lovely people on here who I’ve made friends with. I’d become more than obsessed with this and tumblarity and everything, and it’s time for a change.

Please follow me here:

Goodbye :)

Byeee x

First seven people who just liked that post are already on the list ;)

MSN contacts is going to have a tumblr section for sure.

Oh, dear.

When I’m home I’m going to get in contact with some of my friends on here and get their MSN’s and Facebook’s and blah blah etc.

I actually made a list the other day. Lmao.

I don’t know what I’m going to do with this account yet, either.

Hope everyone on tumblr is great :D I’m in Wales and minus a few arguments with my so-called family, I’ve been having a nice time.

Also, Kath, if you read this, I hope you had an awesome time in Hungary.

So I won’t be on tumblr much for a while now.

I’m going to have a break. Well, I’m not going to be on it as often, and.. see how I feel. Because it’s getting a bit more than an obsession and I’m staying with my dad for a week so I’m gonna be going out and stuff and I know that people have had breaks and then just not wanted to come back. So, I dunno.

Goodnight, tumblr.

No posts are queued.

Oh I do love my best friend. :)


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did you manage to speak to her? :)

 Yeah. :D And she’s made everything better. Again. Lol

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